A weekend

Working with A calendar program to finally use my website for what it was designed for.


is mine and I am currently using it as a photo / video distribution platform, I will be working in some user sign ins and will be broadcasting it over the next few days.  Hopefully I will be adding some calendar functionality so people can add events, and photos of the events.

Fairly excited to get it done and make this happen, hope to get a few people who need some online advertising for their event, I will be posting events posted on my site on adwords and bing ads.

Best wishes out there and I will be linking footage of me working.

May God’s love be with you all.

Webstitcher Logo of a colorful web and world
Custom Logo by Myself, a simple colorful web with the world in the middle to signify the reach of websites. I added a little spider in the corner. I made this logo a few years ago and have always enjoyed creating custom works.

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