Chat Rooms for You, Made Easy

Great Chat Rooms Made Easy

A great chat room with microphones has been released a few years ago, March 6, 2015, called Discord,  I have recently been using mine and it is very nice to have people be able to come in and out of the room discussing whichever topics they would like.  The thing that makes discord so nice is how easy it is to set up your own room, bring people in, chat private about whatever.  Not sure I’d disclose anything too sensitive, though I think it is fairly secure.

Great Things About Discord

Some of the great things about discord are that you can easily create a chat room in a few simple steps and use it either from the web, or through their app:

  1. Create a discord Account at
  2. Download the App or use your web browser
  3. Right Click large (+) button on the lower corner of screen

That’s it, that is how easy it is to make a discord channel, now you can right click your channel, add a picture, and go into settings and do several different things for your server.  To invite people in a few more simple steps you just:

  1. Right Click Your Channel
  2. Left Click Server Settings
  3. Invites > Create One, click permenant
  4. (your invite code) <—- share this

It’s as simple as that, even this guy could do it, he looks class.

Discord Bots

Discord bots are great, they do lots of things from music to games, keep you entertained and find new and exciting programs to use.  You simply invite them to your channel and a list can be found here:


Take Care and as always let me know if you need any help customizing or anything,

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