Good Dinosaur

Good Dinosaur

This movie was decent, though I did not feel it was fit for children.

follows the adventures of a dinosaur and a boy, the boy is more like the dog and the dino is more like the human.  Kinda cute, but kinda down plays humanity in general, we are more than animals as it describes us, we are part animal and part spiritual.  So it kinda downgrades humanity anyway.

There is also a part of the movie where the dino and the boy take drugs, which isn’t very good for children to see.

I am not a big fan of these cute Disney movies in general and often feel that it creates beasts above humans, and shows humanity as a lower being.  So not a fan of Disney movies, plus the values were kinda bad in this one.

There is also violence of animals eating each other in this one and not sure it is great for kids.

Have to say I didn’t enjoy it much, kinda kept on going, watched it with my wife because she likes them.

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