Google Maps Just copyright their Map Images

Google Maps added copyright to their Map Images

Google has added Copyright all over their map images, now when you look at street view in google images you now see a lot of copyright text all over the screen.  I understand Google has a right to do this but it takes away from the experience.

Now when you go to look at a google map you might see something like this:

perhaps a little over dramatizing, but you get the picture.

Google Has Things They Need To Do if Copyrighting Images

if Google is doing this, there are several things they are going to need to fix, buildings and people caught in the images will have to be contacted and asked if they can use people’s property in these images.  As a photographer myself, I know that you cannot use images unless people give you consent to do so.  With all these images owned by google, they are either going to need to reimburse those who are in the images, including using the images of their buildings, as it is not their property they are displaying.  If google wants to make a dime on the pictures or claim ownership of them that is.


I just noticed this today, and to say the least, I’m a little bummed they put copyright on these images, not sure if it will have legal ramifications for them or not.  Guess time will tell, I know you need to ask people’s permission when using their image in contests, or content you claim is yours, so I’m sure if google is going to be claiming ownership of these images, they will have to ask every sing business and property to use this information because it bothers people when their properties are used without permission.  In the case of a relative had asked for me to remove their google listing because too many people were calling the business after he had privatized it.  As for some buildings, perhaps they will be asking the same for images of the outside of their buildings.

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