Linux & windows

I have linux and windows installed, and I have to say linux is so much smoother than windows.  It works proper and runs faster.  With a fresh install of both windows is confused how to deal with dual hard drives, so I installed a program called “Visual BCD” which is what you have to do to tell your bios that you have a new hard drive and to boot off of that.  But in Linux it figured it out almost immediately.  It was probably two months ago I put in my new hard drive for frustration of how slow my computer was running.

I installed Linux first then windows, Visual BCD was a really important step in installing all of it, otherwise it wouldn’t boot proper.

Now that I have it all installed and learned Unbuntu drivers and everything, I have to say linux is by far the better operator.  The big draw backs are that software all is developed for windows because of how popular it is.  So if I’m doing a vast majority of graphical work, I need windows, but if I’m making websites I prefer to be in linux for how fast and reliable it is.

Next thing I am going to need is to have a MAC os so I can create some apps for iphone.

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