Political Activism, questions on how things should be ran in the world

Watching a movie on political activism, it makes me think of forms of Government in history and how democracy has always been the most productive and beneficial form of government for the people in the history of the world.

I think there are many reasons for this and that is it respects the persons right to rise to power, if they so choose, and that when someone gets into power that they are limited in the power that they will have.  It gives everyone who ascends to the thrones of power a voice in the way things are done, and at the same time limits the power that these individuals have.  In so doing, it helps to stop madness in the political system, monitors systems that have been created if any of these individuals have had bad experiences with the systems, and helps communities that some of these people may love and cherish.

When thinking of the system today, I question the number of jails in existence, and how we can use these jails for community housing or shopping malls if the public of our country ever decides to move away from their own addictions to drugs, alcohol and how these transitions in morality will help to strengthen communities as a whole.  I feel that eventually the strengthening of communities in this country through addiction council and alcohol regulation…..

Now I agree with individual rights when it comes to substances, especially when we are growing up.  I myself am a recovering substance user, and know that substances are addictive, though I have never ventured into the more addictive substances, like heroin or cocaine.  But I do feel people have a right to be intoxicated in responsible situations where they will not operate any machines of consequence.  I feel that limiting the intake on substances, though some substances are so dangerous that one intake can change your genetics and needs for your body, should be practiced in “drug hotels” where people would be monitored and taken to their proper places.

All in all I feel that drugs are a huge issue in this culture, as well as the value of the human person.  Now people are not valued as much, though more than a vast majority of cultures in the world, and I feel that this is due to the shift of power in corporations and private parties.  There are no limits on these large entities and the power of their donations and influence on local law enforcement devalues the lives of individual, especially the homeless who have little power.  I being a person of belief in higher forces, feel that these people should be valued, helped and restored to a position where they can follow their dreams.  I feel every person needs to find their dream and when obtaining their dream to decide if the dream is what God had planned for them.

All in all, God gives us what we need to find our path to holiness and democracy is so productive for the simple reason it puts people into power, when people are in power they are limited to the power they have so that corruption among the elected will not be complete as not every politician will be turned to bribes as some will hold out and pass laws that will be fair and just.  I do feel that the size and amount of laws could be limited as to make sure politicians have ample time to read bills.

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