Enjoying the work

Enjoying working on the site, enjoying learning new practices.  I really enjoy how wordpress is almost like you have a whole team of people behind your work.  So if you are looking for something that every site needs, you can just research how to implement it, and it’s usually as easy as some short code.  The thing I don’t like is it will never be as good as when you are designing for a specific need.  But it really helps in the long term because people will be able to easily find what they need and you will be able to help more people in the long run.

The plugin I just learned was  called custom fields.  This is a very handy tool that will make it easy for you to create custom websites for businesses, such as retailers or food distributors, restaurants.  Very excited for the next lessons I will be learning and I know I will enjoy wordpress in my future sites as it really helps make Content management systems easy.  I once made my own content management system, but it had no backing from people around the globe and it wasn’t as robust in the long run.

All in all, wordpress opens up a lot for me, and I hope to make online communities that people will enjoy, my current sites, biblenice.com and noteplug.com, may be able to be routed to wordpress, though I am not entirely sure.

I hope you all are doing well and may God’s love be with you all.


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