Bit Coin alternative Stellar, on the Rise

Stellar Price is on the Rise

End of October marked the announcement that IBM would be creating a easier way to exchange stellar lumens.  If you have not been follow crypto currencies than you probably do not know that the price has been sky rocketing, from $200 4 years ago, bit coin is currently at 12,000.  Of course I am not one of the lucky ones that invested, but today is a new day, and stellar seems to be out of control. 

Reasons for Rise

from .02 to .15 today, in the past month it has increased 7x initial investment.  Within the past two days it has jumped from .09 to .15.  Either way the reason it is so wild is the ease of which IBM is said to make transfers, unlike the current confusing 28 steps it takes to purchase it, it is a task.  First you have to buy a fraction of bit coin, then you have to purchase the stellar with the bitcoin, lots can go wrong in those two transactions.

Purchasing Guide

If any of you are interested in purchasing here is the 28 step guide to buying it, very confusing and lots of trust goes into it, but I believe that this will be sky rocketing after the simple to purchase method will be out who knows when.

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