US Government gets hacked

Government Contractors get Hacked

Equifax 2017 143,000,000 financial, credit reporting hacked

So the government hired equifax to deal with tax information for businesses and personal taxes.  The thing I find about this is how personal data is never really secure and the best thing we could ever do is to have a system where government doesn’t hire people to do this, but have a independent matrix of paying taxes where people can pay taxes, and have it checked that they paid taxes without sensitive personal data stored.

Keeping records of payments is damning

As we see little under half of american tax payer information is stolen by someone, we don’t know who. 323.1 million people live in the US,  and equifax lost all these files about tax filings to an unknown source.  Questions about whether they need to keep these files even, or a simple paid unpaid better form of keeping tabs to be in place.  Now that your social security and other sensitive data has been stolen because they need to keep these records.  One just wonders what to do, how to keep things better, a better way to make sure our country continues to function and keep people’s data safe.

Keep Data offline

Another solution would be to put the data offline, why keep all these data files connected to the internet when they could simply store the data offline and access only when needed.  Now that some person can create any number of bogus accounts through the data stolen from our countries government.

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